Kris Bevelander

Kris: “The different phases of the MyMovez project create the unique opportunity to translate the gained knowledge directly into an innovative health campaign and evaluate its effectiveness. This approach enables other researchers and schools to use the campaign as a blueprint for their interventions in the future.

I feel fortunate to work on this wonderful research project in a multidisciplinary team. We all share the same responsibility and mission to give children a healthy future. The children are more than participants in our project: they contribute to the succes of the intervention while they enjoy to participate!”

Kris Bevelander (PhD., Radboud University, 2013) is a post doctoral researcher and the Research Coordinator of the MyMovez research project.

Kris studied International Development Studies at Wageningen University (specialization Communication, Technology and Policy) and worked as a researcher and teacher at the Radboud University (Developmental Psychopathology) and University of Amsterdam (Persuasive Communication). During her PhD project, entitled ‘Social recipes for appetite,’ she unraveled a piece of the puzzle about social influence mechanisms among young people’s food choice and intake. She is very happy to continue this line of research at the MyMovez project because she is convinced that the social environment plays a key role in changing and maintaining behaviors.