Presentation BFDG-congress 2017

This year (April 2017) the MyMovez team was again present at the BFDG conference in Wokefield hotel in Reading (North London). The conference is named after the research group that meets annually to share research results and insights about nutrition (British Feeding and Drinking Group). Various studies and campaigns aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle were presented.

Researcher Crystal Smit presented her research on promoting healthy snacking behavior among youth. Her research shows that the social environment greatly affects youth’s healthy snacking behavior, especially the behavior of their friends. If children see their friends eat healthy snacks, they also tend to snack healthily. In addition, their intrinsic motivation (doing something because you want and/or like to do it) also plays an important role. It appears that youth must be intrinsically motivated to snack healthily. These are all important predictors which health campaigns must taken into account.