MyMovez-team goes Aruba!

In collaboration with the MyMovez-team, the University of Aruba organized the symposium “Samen op weg naar een gezonde leefstijl bij jongeren” (Together towards a healthy lifestyle among youngsters). During the symposium, findings from both the MyMovez-project as from Aruban research about a healthy lifestyle were presented. Saskia Franken, who works as a researcher at the University of Aruba and who is also an external PhD of the Behavioural Science Institute (Radboud University), showed during her presentation that the “ShareH2O” project is also effective in Aruba. This project was developed in the Netherlands by MyMovez-researchers (i.a. Crystal Smit), to stimulate children to drink more water. Why it works? Children stimulate each other through their own social networks to drink more water. For Crystal Smit it was extra special to present her own research about stimulating the water consumption of children in the Netherlands, because she is also of Aruban origin. The symposium has received a lot of media attention in Aruba. For example, the Aruban newspaper Amigoe paid attention to it. Together towards a healthy lifestyle!

Below an overview of all the presentations given during the symposium (in Dutch):

  • MyMovez! Hoe media en de sociale omgeving een gezonde leefstijl be├»nvloeden – Moniek Buijzen. Download presentation (PDF)
  • Be├»nvloeden sociale normen mijn leefstijl, of mijn leefstijl de norm? – Kris Bevelander. Download presentation (PDF)
  • Het stimuleren van peer-invloed op de waterconsumptie van jongeren – Crystal Smit. Download presentation (PDF)
  • De effectiviteit van het gebruik maken van de sociale omgeving voor gezondheidscampagnes op Aruba – Saskia Franken. Download presentation (PDF)
  • De impact van social media influencers op het welzijn van jongeren – Laura Buijs en Esther Rozendaal. Download presentation (PDF)
  • Jongeren zelf vlogs laten maken over sporten en bewegen, werkt dat? – Thabo van Woudenberg. Download presentation (PDF)