Infographic MyMovez Year 3

It has become a tradition! We made an infographic again. This time with some of the data that we collected in the third year of the MyMovez-project (school year 2017-2018). Over 900 school students participated in the project last year. They all received our ‘Wearable Lab’ again, that consists out of a smartphone that collects data through daily questionnaires and an activity-tracking bracelet.

This third year of the MyMovez-project was all about our lifestyle campaign. With this campaign we tested the power of children’s social networks for various health purposes, such as exercising and water drinking. In the coming year, the MyMovez-team will be busy with analyzing all this data. So more info about this will follow!

For now we want to thank all schools, parent(s)/caretaker(s) and of course the participants(!) for their dedication and enthusiasm during the past year! 🙂

Download de infographic here!