MyMovez-team goes Aruba!

In collaboration with the MyMovez-team, the University of Aruba organized the symposium “Samen op weg naar een gezonde leefstijl bij jongeren” (Together towards a healthy lifestyle among youngsters). During the symposium, findings from both the MyMovez-project as from Aruban research about a healthy lifestyle were presented. Saskia Franken, who works as a researcher at the University of Aruba and who is also an external PhD of the Behavioural Science Institute (Radboud University), showed during her presentation that the “ShareH2O” project is also effective in Aruba. This project was developed in the Netherlands by MyMovez-researchers (i.a. Crystal Smit), to stimulate children to drink more water. Why it works? Children stimulate each other through their own social networks to drink more water. For Crystal Smit it was extra special to present her own research about stimulating the water consumption of children in the Netherlands, because she is also of Aruban origin. The symposium has received a lot of media attention in Aruba. For example, the Aruban newspaper Amigoe paid attention to it. Together towards a healthy lifestyle!

Below an overview of all the presentations given during the symposium (in Dutch):

  • MyMovez! Hoe media en de sociale omgeving een gezonde leefstijl beïnvloeden – Moniek Buijzen. Download presentation (PDF)
  • Beïnvloeden sociale normen mijn leefstijl, of mijn leefstijl de norm? – Kris Bevelander. Download presentation (PDF)
  • Het stimuleren van peer-invloed op de waterconsumptie van jongeren – Crystal Smit. Download presentation (PDF)
  • De effectiviteit van het gebruik maken van de sociale omgeving voor gezondheidscampagnes op Aruba – Saskia Franken. Download presentation (PDF)
  • De impact van social media influencers op het welzijn van jongeren – Laura Buijs en Esther Rozendaal. Download presentation (PDF)
  • Jongeren zelf vlogs laten maken over sporten en bewegen, werkt dat? – Thabo van Woudenberg. Download presentation (PDF)

Infographic MyMovez Year 3

It has become a tradition! We made an infographic again. This time with some of the data that we collected in the third year of the MyMovez-project (school year 2017-2018). Over 900 school students participated in the project last year. They all received our ‘Wearable Lab’ again, that consists out of a smartphone that collects data through daily questionnaires and an activity-tracking bracelet.

This third year of the MyMovez-project was all about our lifestyle campaign. With this campaign we tested the power of children’s social networks for various health purposes, such as exercising and water drinking. In the coming year, the MyMovez-team will be busy with analyzing all this data. So more info about this will follow!

For now we want to thank all schools, parent(s)/caretaker(s) and of course the participants(!) for their dedication and enthusiasm during the past year! 🙂

Download de infographic here!

Best Paper Award BSI day 2018

During the last BSI-day (June 22, 2018) MyMovez-researcher Thabo van Woudenberg won the second price in the category ‘Best Paper’. In this paper, he describes a study in which peer influencers are used to stimulate other teens’ physical activity. Lately, much attention has been paid to the use of influential young people for various health purposes.

Previous research by MyMovez-researcher Crystal Smit already shows that this is an effective method for promoting water drinking among children and adolescents. Thabo van Woudenberg conducted a similar research, but then specifically aimed at promoting physical activity and the method he used was fully digital! Young people were trained online via smartphones to encourage classmates to exercise more.

Read the full paper of the study here (open access).
A summary of the article can be found on the website of Bitescience (in het Engels).

Infographic MyMovez Year 2

We made an infographic again! This time with some of the data that we collected in the second year (school year 2016-2017) of MyMovez (from 671 participants). In the informative illustration you can find facts around physical activity, consumption behavior and media use. Download the infographic (in Dutch) here!

In the coming year we will develop the MyMovez-lifestyle intervention. With this intervention we test the power of children’s social networks for health purposes. In February 2018 the MyMovez-team will visit the participating schools again. We hope that the students will participate as enthusiastically again! 🙂

MyMovez-project in Horizon Magazine

Recently an article about the MyMovez-project is published in Horizon Magazine, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine. It’s about Generation Z, children born after 1995, who see their online and offline lives as one and the same. They spend much time (online) interacting with friends. Because many (un)healthy habits are formed during these social interactions, Horizon Magazine question: What if we could harness the power of peer pressure to influence adolescents to lead healthier lives? And because that’s the goal of the MyMovez-project (making use of the power of youth’s social networks for health purposes) Professor Moniek Buijzen (principal investigator) is interviewed. Read the article here!

ISBNPA-Congres Canada 2017

The MyMovez-team traveled all the way to Canada (Victoria) for the 16th edition of the ISBNPA-conference. ISBNPA refers to “The International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity”. As the name suggests, at this conference researchers who are involved in nutrition and physical activity come together. At the conference there was also many attention for the energy-balance-related behaviors of youngle people and how to best promote a healthy lifestyle among this target group. Very relevant for us! Our team was therefore present to show various insights from the MyMovez-project.

Presentation BFDG-congress 2017

This year (April 2017) the MyMovez team was again present at the BFDG conference in Wokefield hotel in Reading (North London). The conference is named after the research group that meets annually to share research results and insights about nutrition (British Feeding and Drinking Group). Various studies and campaigns aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle were presented.

Researcher Crystal Smit presented her research on promoting healthy snacking behavior among youth. Her research shows that the social environment greatly affects youth’s healthy snacking behavior, especially the behavior of their friends. If children see their friends eat healthy snacks, they also tend to snack healthily. In addition, their intrinsic motivation (doing something because you want and/or like to do it) also plays an important role. It appears that youth must be intrinsically motivated to snack healthily. These are all important predictors which health campaigns must taken into account.

MyMovez in the tropics!

MyMovez-researcher Thabo van Woudenberg made a trip to Bangkok in the fall of 2016, Thailand. On the ISPAH 2016 congress, he presented some preliminary findings of the first year of the MyMovez-project. Among other things, he showed that the participants of the MyMovez-project were more active when they spend time with a classmate compared to times when they were alone. It does not matter whether that classmate is a friend or not. Likewise, no difference was found for group size. Thus, if participants are together with at least one other classmate, they are more likely to be active!

In short: If youngsters are together, they are a lot more active!

Infographic MyMovez Year 1

Wow, time has flown! The first year of the MyMovez project is behind us! We traveled across the Netherlands to provide all participants (more than 1000) with the activity-tracking bracelet and smartphone that collects data through daily questionnaires. We look back at an valuable, informative and fun time !

Some of the data that we collected last year (school year 2015-2016), is summarized in a so-called infographic! Download it here…